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What Government Intitiatives Mean to the Clinic and its Patients:
Some years ago, the provincial government implemented a number of security measures to reduce  the fraud and misuse of health cards. Residents of Ontario are entitled to coverage but must ensure that their cards are valid.
Why the clampdown on Health Card Misuse?
  • Some Ontario residents were lending or renting out their health cards to citizens of the United States or other countries. These people then fraudulently obtained Canadian health care at the taxpayors' expense.
  • Likewise, certain criminal enterprises were reproducing Ontario health cards for sale to ineligible persons.   
As a result, your health card is now used much like a credit card:
  • New cards have start and expiry dates and your photo (the old red and white cards are still valid for now). 
  • You must present your card every time you "purchase" health care services. Written or verbal numbers are not acceptable. 
  • You must inform the MOH if you move. They will cancel your card if they need to reach you but cannot. You will be responsible for payment until the card is reissued.
  • If you report your card as lost or stolen, it will be cancelled. You will be responsible for payment until you get a replacement card.
  • If your card has expired, you are responsible for payment until you renew your card. 
  • If your card is invalid for any other reason, you are responsible for payment.
  • Caregivers must have access to the health cards of children. Teenagers (16 years of age and older) should carry their own card if they expect to access health care without their parents' involvement.
  • Residents of Ontario who do not have a valid health card will not be denied emergency services in life threatening situations.

The provincial government continues to struggle with the increasing cost of health care as the population of Ontario grows and ages. A number of procedures are no longer covered by the Ministry of Health. Please enquire at the reception desk.